Wild wEEK!ends Saturday Youth Camp

Wild wEEK!ends Winter& Spring

Children ages 7-12 are invited to join us Saturdays for the Wildlife Institute’s “wild wEEK!ends”!  These day camps are held nearly every Saturday, January through April, from 9am to 3pm. Your children will enjoy an amazing day of animal encounters, games and cool crafts in a fun and educational environment.

We will be taking a Fall hiatus from wild wEEK!ends due to scheduling and other complications. We hope you will all join us for youth camps in December!


Prices: $25 per child (members)  and $30 per child (non-members).

Season passes are also available for $200 that entitles your child to any or all of the Wild wEEK!ends.

Each day of camp is a different theme! Campers can attend any and all days!

Camp Schedule


11/19/2016 – wild wEEK!ends Day Camp – Wild Crafts


12/3/2016 – wild wEEK!ends Day Camp – Gifts from Nature

12/10/2016 – wild wEEK!ends Day Camp – Critter Kitchen

12/17/2016 – wild wEEK!ends Day Camp – Wild Hospital

12/19/2016- Winter Camp EEK!

12/20/2016- Winter Camp EEK!

12/21/2016- Winter Camp EEK!

12/22/2016- Winter Camp EEK!


1/7/2017 – wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Winter Safari

1/14/2017- wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Tuna Tails, Teeth & Tentacles

1/21/2017- wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Strange But True Critters

1/28/2017- wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Groundhog Day Getaway


2/4/2017- wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Bats!

2/11/2017- wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Wild Babies

2/18/2017- wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Leaping Lemurs

2/25/2017 – wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Signs of Spring


3/4/2017- wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Critter Kitchen

3/11/2017- wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Wild Hospital

3/18/2017- wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Birds of Prey

3/27/2017- Spring Camp EEK!Howling Good Times

3/28/2017- Spring Camp EEK!Creature Feature 

3/29/2017- Spring Camp EEK!Critter Kitchen 

3/30/2017- Spring Camp EEK!Wonder Weasels

3/31/2017- Spring Camp EEK!Animal House Party 


4/1/2017 – NO YOUTH CAMPS

4/8/2017- wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Dirt Made My Lunch

4/15/2015- wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Feelin’ Froggy

4/22/2015- wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Radical Reptiles

4/29/2017 – wild wEEK!end Day Camp – Critter Kitchen

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…or call 541.476.0222 for more details.



*The Season Pass entitles the child to attend any or all sessions of fall, winter or spring (October through May) wild wEEK!ends. Youth that attend under a seasonal enrollment are also automatically signed up for Club EEK!
**Join “Club EEK!” A membership level just for kids! Ages 6 to 15 qualify to join the wildest club in town for a fee of $25. This membership entitles them to a special welcome package, monthly mailing of cool animal facts and activities, and entitles them to member pricing on youth programs.