Wildlife Images celebrates Rotary Clubs for their efforts

On Thursday, Wildlife Images held a celebration with the Rotary Clubs of Josephine County to thank them for their help.

Through the Duck Derby, all four local Rotary clubs — Grants Pass, Greater Grants Pass, Rogue Gateway and Illinois Valley — helped raise $80,000 for the construction of our pavilion on campus. The building (the Rotary Clubs of Josephine County Pavilion) was completed in 2020, but COVID-19 restrictions delayed our ability to properly thank the clubs for their support.

Without Rotary’s help, this building never would have been possible. This venue allows us to have greater flexibility when hosting events no matter the weather outside. The pavilion is also a great space for outside groups to hold events in a unique atmosphere.

The clubs also came together to provide more than $8,000 in funding for our distance learning initiative known as Critter Campus to give a space for local students to learn while attending school virtually during COVID.

The Grants Pass club also helped fund our educational yurt project, contributing $5,500 for construction and outfitting our yurt. This expansion has helped us double our Camp EEK! capacity, which allows us to reach even more 6-11-year-olds and nurture their love for wildlife and nature.

We are incredibly grateful for Rotary’s continued support of Wildlife Images and our goal of Saving Wildlife. Through their efforts, we’ve been able to progress in our mission, and hopefully inspire people in our community to share in our vision.

Find information on renting the Rotary Pavilion, click here.