Wildlife Images releases orphaned bobcat

In May, Wildlife Images received a tiny 2-month-old ball of fluff that was emaciated, dehydrated and filled with parasites. The Bobcat had been orphaned and was found in a backyard near Rogue River. Now, more than five months later, we can happily announce she is healthy and we were able to release her back into the wild in the forest of northern Jackson County this week.

The Bobcat quickly ran up a tree after release.

At the release, she quickly scurried out of her container and up a tree! There, she watched our staff from a distance. It became difficult to keep an eye on her, as her coat really helps with camouflage.

Bobcat patients are extremely rare and require special approval to rehab from our permitting agency, The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

With this species, it’s crucial to prevent habituation. An adult bobcat who seeks out humans is a threat to itself and people. We took precautions not to imprint on her, and it worked well. She hates humans and would growl and hiss any time a person came near her habitat.


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