Wildlife Images staff builds enrichment


Wildlife Images strives to give our animals the best habitats we can provide. Enrichment helps us enhance the day-to-day experience of our animals. Enrichment allows animals to engage their natural instincts and habits, while also giving them an outlet for physical activity and mental exercise. It also provides options for how they spend their time.

Recently, our staff and volunteers had an enrichment-building day in the Rotary Clubs of Josephine County Pavilion here on campus. The day gave us an opportunity to put recent donations to work, including fire hoses from the Rural/Metro Fire Department.

These fire hoses are worn out for firefighting purposes, but still have quite a bit of life left for our purposes. We turn them into a variety of materials, including hammock for our cats, and a seat for a fox, or a climbing post for one of our badgers.

Other enrichment items come from everyday materials such as soda boxes or newspapers. We create puzzles and activities to help stimulate our animals in different ways every day.

Come see what enrichment items we have out for them.