Learn About Duchess

  • Classification: Bird
  • Species: Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)
  • Wingspan: 6-8ft
  • Weight: 9-14lbs
  • Habitat in the Wild: Open and semi-open areas, particularly around mountains, hills, cliffs; adaptable to a wide variety of terrain
    • Diet in the Wild: Opportunists; nearly 200 species comprise golden eagle prey. Mammals of varying size, primarily rabbits, hares, ground squirrels, prairie dogs; carrion; large birds
    • Diet at Wildlife Images: rodents, poultry, venison, donated meats
    • Gender: Female

Duchess was brought into the Washington State University Veterinary Center on March 22, 2004. She had a fractured ulna (bone in her wing) from a car collision. Despite extensive physical therapy, her left wing still has a noticeable droop. She is the largest bird at WLI, but still weighs only about 13lbs. Her favorite daily indulgence is her bath, a gentle shower from the garden hose.