Join Our Mission to Heal and Release Wildlife

Become a part of our journey to care for injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife.

Join Our Mission of Compassion and Action

Our initiative opens the door for passionate hearts and helping hands to join forces in the rehabilitation of injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife. Through volunteering, donations, and educational advocacy, you become part of a collective effort to heal, protect, and release these animals back into their natural habitats. Discover how you can contribute to a legacy of care and conservation, and help us write success stories for saving wildlife.

Orphaned Animals

Each season brings new challenges as numerous young wildlife face the world without their parents. Our sanctuary becomes their refuge, offering specialized care and feeding routines that mimic what they would receive in the wild, ensuring they grow up healthy and capable. Call us 541.441.7193 if you have questions or find an animal.

Injured Animals

From the small sparrow to the majestic eagle, human activities leave many animals in distress. Our facility provides a beacon of hope, offering emergency medical treatments, surgeries, and long-term care plans designed to nurse them back to health.


Beyond healing physical wounds, rehabilitation involves teaching these animals to live independently in their natural habitat once again. Our dedicated caregivers and veterinarians use innovative therapies and enrichment activities to prepare each animal for life in the wild.


The pinnacle of our efforts culminates in the release of these animals back into their natural environments. Witnessing their first steps, flights, or dives into freedom is not only our goal but our greatest reward, symbolizing hope and resilience.