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Get Involved through Membership, Volunteering, Internships, and Wildlife Careers

You’ll discover numerous ways to join our mission in wildlife rehabilitation and education. Whether you’re interested in launching a career, gaining hands-on experience through internships, making a direct impact with volunteer work, or supporting us through membership. Join us in our efforts to care for and save wildlife, and learn how each role plays a crucial part in our conservation mission.


Join Wildlife Images as a member to enjoy benefits like unlimited yearly visits, discounts at our gift shop, and exclusive events. Memberships offer vital support to our animal care and conservation efforts. We offer various membership levels, including options for seniors, individuals, and families, as well as the prestigious J. David Siddon Founder’s Society for our most generous donors, which includes additional perks like VIP releases and personal tours.


Become a vital part of Wildlife Images by volunteering your time and skills. Our volunteers are crucial in supporting our mission, offering unique opportunities to work closely with wildlife and engage with the community on conservation education.


Dive into the heart of wildlife conservation with an internship at Wildlife Images. Here, you’ll gain invaluable, hands-on experience in animal care, learning from experts in wildlife rehabilitation and contributing to meaningful projects.


Explore career opportunities at Wildlife Images, where our dedicated team works tirelessly to operate the park, run the hospital, and provide exceptional care to injured animals. Here, your work directly contributes to the healing and release of wildlife back into their natural habitats.