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Fostering a love and respect for wildlife through education and rehabilitation
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A Journey of Discovery

Step into Wildlife Images, where nature’s legacy unfolds. Our exhibits, echoing wild habitats, offer a unique lens to view, learn, and get inspired. With every visit, engage in a story of conservation and become part of a movement to cherish and protect wildlife. It is your donations and support that shape almost every aspect of Wildlife Images.

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There are multiple ways to experience Wildlife Images, become a member for year-round access, delve into nature with our educational camps and classes, or make a lasting impact by volunteering or interning. Each path offers a unique connection with the wild.

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Enjoy year-long park access, exclusive events, shop discounts, and more with a Wildlife Images membership—support wildlife care and conservation.

Educational Camps and Classes

Wildlife Images offers 8 weeks of Camp EEK! over the summer. We also offer Animal Ambassador visits where we bring the fun right to you!


Volunteering is an amazing way to experience the wildlife at Wildlife Images have fun, make friends and learn new skills along the way!

Get Involved in Saving Wildlife


Becoming a member is one of the best ways you can support Wildlife Images and it gives you unlimited access to the park, invites to special events, and a discount in our gift shop! Show your support of wildlife by becoming a member today!

Career Opportunities

Launch a fulfilling career at Wildlife Images and contribute to wildlife rehabilitation and education.


Volunteer with Wildlife Images to make a direct impact on wildlife conservation and community education.


Gain hands-on experience in wildlife care with an internship at Wildlife Images.


Support Wildlife Images through sponsorships that help fund vital wildlife care and educational programs.