Learn About Sage

  • Classification: Bird
  • Species: Ferruginous Hawk (Buteo regalis)
  • Lifespan in Captivity: 20-30yrs
  • Lifespan in the Wild: 8-15yrs
  • Wingspan: 4-5ft
  • Weight: 2-5lbs
  • Range in the Wild: Western contiguous US, Northern Mexico
  • Habitat in the Wild: Open prairie, shrubland
    • Diet in the Wild: small to medium mammals, esp. prairie dogs, jackrabbits, ground squirrels
    • Diet at Wildlife Images: rodents, poultry, donated meats
    • Gender: Female
    • Birth: March 2003
    • Arrival: 2003
    • Lives In: Birds of Prey Center

Sage is a regular member of our education ambassador team that teaches the public about her species. Sage can be aggressive when defending her food or space, particularly during spring and early summer  when birds are often brooding and molt their feathers. She is particular about who handles her, only allowing a handful of people to directly interact with her. Sage is also known to drool excessively in hot weather.