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We can’t wait to see you at Camp EEK this summer!

Parents/Guardians are required to review the Communicable Disease Management Plan before registering their child(ren) for camp. Wildlife Images will abide by all state recommendations and requirements.

Camp EEK Communicable Disease Management Plan

Please review the Family Handbook before the first day of Camp EEK!

Youth Camp Family Handbook 2021



 Summer Camp EEK!

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Tours & Exploration!

Campers can choose to attend any or all of the 10 weeks of camp, all of which have different themes.

Don’t let the learning stop just because school is out! Enroll your kids in Summer Break Camp EEK! Our seasoned educators and Animal Care Specialists allow campers to go WILD for the summer as they hang out with Animal Ambassadors, play games, make cool crafts and explore the outdoors. Camp EEK! at Wildlife Images provides a safe and engaging place for kids to experience hands-on learning centered on wildlife, nature, and conservation. Camp EEK runs from 9:00 – 3:00, Monday – Friday. We welcome kids ages 6 to 11.


Here’s a preview of some of the themes for Summer 2021:

 A Howling Good Playmate

As we kick off a summer of fun at Wildlife Images, this week’s Camp Eek! will explore how important play is to wildlife AND humans! Campers will experience arts, crafts, and interactive play, as well as take daily tours of the facility as they get to know our Animal Ambassadors. They will learn how we keep the fun coming through enrichment for our wild friends by making enrichment toys and treats for them. As another special treat, campers will be watching as their enrichment toys are enjoyed by our Animal Ambassadors. It will be a HOWLING GOOD PLAYMATE that your child won’t want to miss!

 Born to Move

Campers will learn about all the different ways animals were born to move. Hop, skip, jump, run, slither, slide, glide, fly, swim, burrow, climb, soar, hover, creep, crawl, and wiggle! The way animals move is endless. Through daily tours, arts, crafts, and interactive play, campers will learn how animals’ body shapes and movement differ and why each one is just perfect for their survival and environment. Campers will get a visit from a different animal ambassador every day as we explore how we were BORN TO MOVE!

 You Stink!

It will be a jolly smelly time as we explore the stinkiest animals on the planet. Okay, so you won’t actually have to smell these stinky critters, though our resident skunks would love to give you a cuddle. Campers will spend the week exploring which animals on the planet are the stinkiest and why that nasty smell is not just for scaring away a predator. Through arts, crafts, interactive play and daily tours, campers will leave with a new understanding and appreciation of just how amazing these stinky creatures truly are. Daily visits from our animal ambassadors will be enjoyed, and we may even invite a skunk to join us!

Wildlife Hospital

Paging all wildlife doctors! It’s time to rehabilitate some wildlife and get them back out into the wild. This week, campers will experience the entire process of how to take care of an animal from the moment it is brought through the front doors of Wildlife Images. In addition to daily tours through the facility, arts, crafts, and interactive play, campers will get to go behind the scenes for a tour of the clinic area, where the real rehabilitation takes place. For a special experience, our campers will meet with our Animal Services staff and hear about all they do when an animals’ life is on the line. This week will be especially fun for those campers who want to work with animals as a career later on in life!

 Going Buggy

Are you ready to BUG OUT this week at Wildlife Images?!? Come learn all about bugs and their creepy, crawly world because summer is the perfect time to learn about them! Campers will learn what kinds of bugs live in their own backyard and how many kinds of bugs there really are in the world. Just like every other week, campers will take daily tours, participate in arts and crafts as well as experience interactive play. Come join us if you are ready to go BUGGY!

Shark Week

Chomp! Chomp! Wildlife Images is hosting our very own Shark Week! Campers will absolutely LOVE this week as we learn about one of the most feared animals in the ocean…the shark! They may leave a bit surprised by the end of the week as they realize these scary creatures are not so scary after all. Sharks are one of the most amazing creatures on our planet! Campers will take daily tours, make art projects and crafts, and have plenty of interactive play to keep them engaged at camp all week long.

 Kritter Kitchen

This is one of the most popular camps at Wildlife Images! Campers will spend the week preparing diets for our resident animals and learning all about how and what animals in the wild eat. Through daily tours, arts, crafts, and interactive play, we will learn what different Kritter Kitchens look like. They will also learn the mysteries of how a koala will eat only one food item its entire life or a crocodile can go a year without eating!

 Wildlife Warriors

Campers will learn how they can save wildlife starting at a young age. This week, they will explore what conservation is and how our efforts can help save wildlife around the planet. Campers will also learn how rangers and conservation officers track wildlife by identifying wildlife prints and making their own animal tracks. We think that by the end of the week, these warriors for wildlife will have earned their new titles and leave Wildlife Images with a renewed effort to save wildlife.



Camp EEK is not offering Transportation or After Care at this time. Daily registration is no longer an option. Campers must register by the week. Questions about Camp EEK programming can be sent to

$120 Members/week
$140 Non-members/week

Members will receive the membership code by email. Please email
or call 541-476-0222 to verify your membership and get the member discount code.