Bald Eagle

Haliaeetus leucocephalus

  • Classification: Bird
  • Lifespan in Captivity: 40-50 yrs
  • Lifespan in the Wild: 20 yrs
  • Wingspan: 6-7.5ft
  • Weight: 9-13 lbs
  • Range: Most of the Northern Hemisphere (excluding Mexico)
  • Habitat: Mature forests and open bodies of water
    • Diet in the Wild: fish, carrion, waterfowl, small mammals
    • Diet at Wildlife Images: fish, poultry, venison

Bald Ealge- Defiance (3) copy

Bald eagles were once severely endangered due to a combination of habitat loss, pesticide poisoning (especially DDT), and poaching. With federal protection and the banning of DDT in 1972, they have rebounded dramatically in the last thirty years, and were fully removed from the Endangered Species List in 2007. They are now a common sight along the Rogue River. Bald eagles are not actually bald at all. The name came from an old English word ‘balde’ that meant ‘white.’ Immature bald eagles are all brown, only acquiring their iconic white head and tail around 3-5 years of age.

Description: Very large-bodied; dark brown bodies and wings; white heads and tails; bright yellow/orange bills and legs


  • Soar high up in sky
  • Slow wingbeats low over treeline
  • Will harass other birds to steal their prey
  • Will play with objects as toys
  • Live nomadically for first four years – sometimes fly hundreds of miles per day