Flemish Giant Rabbit

Oryctolagus cuniculus

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This giant rabbit is a domesticated breed, originating in the Flemish region in the 16th century. Originally bred for their meat and luxuriously soft fur, this animal has now made its way into homes as a popular domesticated pet. Being such a large rabbit, they require more care and maintenance than the average pet rabbit as they can weigh over 20 pounds! With proper handling, they can be very sociable and docile. Because of this, some rehabilitation centers use Flemish giants as foster parents for wild rabbits. Wild rabbits are easily stressed in human care and have low survival rates during the rehabilitation process. Having a calm Flemish giant to provide them warmth and comfort can help alleviate some of that stress while they are receiving care.

Hay, commercial pellets, leafy greens, produce
Domestic breed; originated in Belgium
7 years
Length / Wingspan:
2.5-4 feet
14-22 lbs