Leopard Gecko

Eublepharis macularius

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Leopard geckos differ from their tropical cousins in a variety of ways. For example, they have true eyelids that allow them to blink dust away and lack the specialized toe pads that allow many other gecko species to climb up smooth surfaces. Instead, their clawed feet are perfect for scrambling over dry, rocky terrain. These solitary lizards use their acute eyesight and excellent hearing to hunt a large variety of insects, ranging from moths to ants. Interestingly, leopard geckos have around 100 teeth, all of which are replaced every 3-4 months! Leopard geckos also have tails that are specially adapted to store fat that can be used when food is scarce. This is an excellent feature for wild animals living in the desert, but it also means that pet leopard geckos are prone to obesity, which makes them unhealthy and shortens their lifespans.

Moths, spiders, ants, other insects
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, India
5-1o years / 15-20+ years
Highlands, rocky grasslands, deserts
Length / Wingspan:
7-11 inches
50-80 grams