Camp EEK Week One: Intro to Wildlife Rehab

Camp EEK is off to a great start! We were so happy to meet our first Critter Crew of the summer, and we hope to see them return throughout the summer. We had a lot of fun during the first week. The Critter Crew learned the basics of wildlife rehabilitation, and they enjoyed spending time with each other in nature. They played lots of games, both indoors and out, and they had the unique experience of spending time with our animal ambassadors every day.

Rather than describing our week, we thought we would show you! We created a video scrapbook with the help of a few members of the Critter Crew. We hope you enjoy getting a closer look at the fun we had this week by watching the video below.

The theme for next week is Guardians of the Habitat. If you are looking for something fun and meaningful for your child to do this summer, we hope you will consider enrolling your child in Camp EEK!