Keeping Wildlife Cool During a Heat Wave

As temperatures soar in Southern Oregon, the team at Wildlife Images has been working to ensure the comfort and safety of our clinic patients and animal ambassadors.

Strategies for Keeping Wildlife Cool

To combat the sweltering temperatures, our team has implemented several strategies. First of all, the animals have shady enclosures, which makes a big difference when the heat strikes. Secondly, we provide ways to cool off within the enclosures. Here are some examples:

1. We installed misters to keep the turtles cool.

2. Smeagol the tortoise has his own built-in pool.

3. The wolves have a metal platform they can lie on to cool off. Agness loves to lounge on it!

4. The raptors love it when we come to their homes and spray cool water all over them. They will actually spread their wings to get the full benefit.

5. The wallabies have a tub of water in which they can splash around, and sunshine, the greater rhea, has a kiddie pool in her enclosure.

Here is a video of how we roll when we need to keep all the animals cool. 


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