New Wolf Enclosure is Already Something to Howl About!

Ready to howl with excitement? We’ve just unleashed our latest and greatest animal habitat upgrade! Out with the old and in with the new. Our wolf buddies, Shadow and Agnes, are wagging their tails, running zoomies, and just loving their new uptown pad.

Here’s the scoop on their fabulous new home:

First off, we removed any old uneven roots, rocks, or clumps of dirt, leveled everything out, and brought in beautiful fresh gravel – never realized how much you can love gravel. This means NO more muddy paws on rainy, snowy, or overall yucky days—talk about luxury living! And that’s not all. We hired an interior designer (not really, but our team had great wolf-inspired ideas) and we revamped their “wolf” den. It’s now bigger, cozier, and ready to keep them snug as a bug when the chill sets in, all while giving them a higher view of the entire campus and a window where guests can visit and take photos!

Stay tuned for more updates as our wolf pals settle into their upgraded digs. It’s a howling good time here at Wildlife Images!


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